Monday, November 30, 2009

Accountability & Relationships Diagrams


“You need to focus on the main thing, and then you need to be sure that the main thing is really the main thing.” (Richard P. Chait’s – Museum governance in a new age 2001 – Museum Trusteeship VOL15 2002 )

"The past quarter-century has seen fundamental shifts in the public sector [museums], the theoretical underpinnings of which are rooted in agency theory, market economics and the `new managerialism’. This movement has brought with it an emphasis on
  • accountability, the monitoring of performance and incentives for good performance;
  • separation of strategy from delivery, and a focus on management rather than policy;
  • an inclination to introduce market mechanisms for delivery, including competition and contracting-out;
  • responsiveness to customer preferences; and
  • disaggregation of large bureaucratic structures, but with autonomy having to be earned within a framework of strong central control."
(Adrian Babbidge, Egeria Heritage Consultancy – PAPER – INTERCOM Conference: Leadership in Museums: Are our Core Values Shifting, Dublin, Ireland, October 16 – 19, 2002.)

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