Monday, November 30, 2009

Musing Or Deeming?

In essence, a museum is a keeping place for:
  • The stories and ideas that help us make sense of place – Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, Oceania; and
  • The narratives that help us make sense of a changing world.
In a local context, museums reflect the cultural realities that lend meaning to places. Ultimately, museums add value to places and they are wealth creating.

SAMPLE STATEMENT: QVMAG MISSION: "Our mission is to be a leader in the intellectual and creative development of Launceston and the State by increasing our enjoyment and understanding of our natural and cultural heritage." LINK

Museums are places in our cultural imagination that are places where we might discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. They are places that cause us to wonder.

We construct museums and fill them with objects and ideas in order that we might make more sense of the world we share with each other. In a 21st Century context public museums are:
  • The keeping places of a community's cultural property and heritage;
  • The repositories of diverse, disparate and interconnected knowledge bases;
  • An 'Ideas Factory' of a kind, and a place a community depends upon to help make sense of their world and engage with complex ideas – it has been ever so. To read on click here ....
[Museums today are contested spaces and]"necessarily require a rethinking of the way museums have engaged and connected with communities, stakeholders [Communities of Ownership & Interest] and media in the past and how these modes of engagement can be extended and transformed to embrace the special relationship required for the proper engagement of potentially controversial subjects. To read more click here ... Transcending fear - engaging emotions and opinions - a case for museums in the 21st century ...

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